We invest in nature, help to restore biodiversity and regenerate ecosystems by donating 1% of our Moonpop revenues to SUGi. Our funds get used to boost the powerful web of 100% biodiverse native forests.

By using the ‘Miyawaki method’, SUGi allows the rapid creation of urban forests. It’s proven – in Japan and all around the world – that this method has a 97% success rate for tree survival. So this 100% natural and organic method creates a haven for urban biodiversity.

By contributing to this project, we are also restoring our inner landscape and lifestyle by a more natural and vital state. Through ‘rewilding’ we are connecting to our roots in the natural world, which helps us to access a much-needed compass to navigate our extremely busy, modern lives.

But it does not end here! The Moonpop-team has grander plans and dreams by planting their very own urban forests. Stay tuned to find out more by subscribing to our social media channels!

Taking simple bites to build biodiversity with Moonpop

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